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Dua To Make A Boy Fall In Love With You

Dua To Make A Boy Fall In Love With You or to make my boyfriend marry me can be use to make him think of me. You can use our dua to make him miss me.

How Do You Pray To Allah For Make A Boy Fall In Love With You?

Assalam walekum, you are here because you need Dua to make a boy fall in love with you. Or maybe you want to get him back after separation. If you carefully read dua mentioned in this post, it’s 100 percent sure that he will fall in love with you or come back to you. Are you in love with somebody? And you want that person to love you back too?

Dua To Make A Boy Fall In Love With You

Dua To Make A Boy Fall In Love With You

Do you want to be loved as much you love them? If your answer is yes, you should practice Dua to make a boy fall in love with you. Insha Allah, that person will also feel the same way as you do.

We all know that love is a wonderful feeling. Love is a wonderful gift from Allah for both men and women. We all have love inside us in tremendous quantity. If you want to be loved back or you want to make the other person admit it first.

But be careful not everybody is worthy of your precious love. So, choose people wisely and very carefully. Love is a beautiful feeling which can be just expressed by Romantic movies, poems, songs, novels, etc. To make a boyfriend fall in love you can use our मोहब्बत का सिफली अमल.

It is the best feeling when you have finally found someone on your wavelength. And makes you feel like you are here on this earth only for him and makes you feel like you are unique. It is best when love turns into a furthermore beautiful and robust bond marriage

Procedure of Dua to make a boy fall in love with you

  • You should first take a bath and wear white clothes and sit on wooden cloth.
  • Concentrate on the person whom you want to make fall in love for you.
  • And perform this Dua Recite Bismillah-Rahmanir-Raheem.
  • And then recite Ya Ghiyyasal Musta Gheeseen
  • Think of the person whom you want to make fall in love with you and repeat this dua slowly and in a gentle voice.
  • And repeat this dua 570 times.

Dua To Make My Boyfriend Marry Me

Dua To Make My Boyfriend Marry Me, In most cases, the boys became less serious about the relationship. And they seem to break up with girls when they talk about marriage usually. Suppose the boy isn’t in a serious relationship with you. Or maybe he is falling for some other girl.

Then you should perform Wazfia to make your boyfriend marry you. And with Allah’s grace, the boy will approach you and will ask for you to marry him. This dua will bring marriage feelings in his heart, and Insha Allah, he will come to your house with a marriage proposal.

How to perform Dua to make my boyfriend marry me

  • Always start with an ablution
  • Recite “La Kad Ja Aa Kum Rasulum Min Anfusikum Azeezun Alaihi Ma Anittum Harees Alaikum Bil Mu’ meenina Ra’ufoo Raheem”
  • Recite this Dua 100 times.
  • And pray to Allah Tallah.

Dua To Make Him Think of Me

Dua To Make Him Think of Me, When we are in love, we can’t stop thinking about that special one for day and night. Everything that you do connects to them somehow. And we wonder that is he thinking about me like this too…?

Does he feel the same way for me like I feel for them? But we can’t just know what is really inside his mind. So we live with unsatisfying doubts. So what should make him miss you and make him confess how he feels about you. You can’t do much yourself; you are not all-powerful, but Allah is true.

Ask him to help you. With Allah’s grace, everything is going to happen the way you have always wanted. But never drop your standards to make him feel this way; ask Allah to help you instead. Never lose faith and keep praying to Allah Tallah. He is the supreme power; he will answer your prayer, and he will make it happen.

Procedure for Dua to make him think of me

  • Start with an ablution.
  • You should do this after the fair Namaz (Morning prayers are always dearest to Allah)
  • After that, do Ya wadoodoo Wazfia for 121000 times.
  • And then imagine that person and then pray to Allah Tallah.
  • Insha Allah, soon he will make your prayers into reality.

Dua To Make Him Miss Me

Dua To Make Him Miss Me, It is a terrible situation when your loved one has left you. It is immensely heartbreaking. If you want them back so bad and can’t even sleep without talking to them, are you tired of bringing your loved ones’ attention towards you? And you have become frustrated in the process. Sometimes we become hopeless. We feel defeated. You may think that how he can leave you like this cannot see the love you are frequently showing to him.

How he can be so heartless and neglect your love so easily. But don’t worry; Allah is with you. It is just a matter of praying to him in the right and proper way. The boy may not even seem interested in you. But you love him so much that you have made your mind to live this beautiful life of yourself with him

Suppose he doesn’t even mind your efforts to be with him and is not interested in you as he was at the start of your relationship. If this is the case, you should do the Dua to make him miss me.


  • Start with ablution.
  • Make fresh Wazu.
  • Then recite Durood E Sharif three times.
  • And then verse 9 of Surah Al Imran for 201 times while imagining the person you wanted.
  • At last, pray to Allah and bow on the face of the person


Just try to do the Dua regularly, and you will see the magical results that will be in your life by Allah’s grace. Just don’t lose faith in him. Keep the prayer going; he will indeed help you. If everything is done correctly, Insha Alla, your loved one, will soon be with you, no matter the case.

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